9Frozen Iteration
12Welcome To The Pony Club
18My Heaven
20Ballads For Glass Children
23Stereo Butterfly
26Mirror Universe
28Dead Where Love Stands
32Heaven Doesn’t Send Its Best
35Romantic Distance
37Magna Aliqua
41Warm Spring Day
44Songs To Get Hard To
46Tear The Night Apart
47Open Casket Beach
49Only Mostly There
50White Wine Cities
52Halos For Scars
55A Collection of Xs & Ys
56Clearer Skies Ahead
57Faded Star
61Skin At 15 Degrees
65Some Shred Of Optimism
71You Are Not Immune To Trends
80New Blood In The Sister City
86Atlantic Witchcraft
95Falling Short Of Heaven
98Hole Of Infinity
100No Victories
102History Worth Repeating
103Wood Anniversary
108Masters Copy
113Hoping For A Little More…Pizzazz
117It’s A Difficult Joy But It’s A Joy
119The Kids Don’t Wanna Have Fun
120Here Comes The World
125Fuck Your Process Throw Your Life At A Wall


2915 Minutes Of Shame
36Pods On The Lawn
43Expanding Markets
53Pop Punk In Denial
63Life Begins At The Hop
78Sentimental Journey
83Beating The Heart
101For Ages, For A Minute
104Business As Usual
1065 Year 1 Month 1 Day Anniversary Spectacular
109It Was A Pretty Okay Year
114We Got The Punks Dancing
115An Asshole With A Drum Machine And A Guitar
118Hotdog Whirled
121Witness To Destruction
124To Watch A God Die
126Requiem For A Scene


16Writer’s Block 1
21Writer’s Block 2
33Writer’s Block 3
40Throwing Shapes In The Fountains
60Selections From Kid Marine
66Writer’s Block 4
72Writer’s Block 5
84Annette’s Support Songs
88To Free My Mind And Break My Neck
90Writer’s Block 6
92Bubble And Shit
99Down On Sex And Romance
107Writer’s Block 7


2Hello Dirtman
4Month Of 11
5Sanitation Rain
7Instant Pandemonium
8Ace Of Eyes
10Your Shit Parade
11Acoustic Virgins
13I Belong In Limbo
15The Lost Division
19The Pinkest Lifestyle
22Resort For Violins
24Chilly Afternoon
25King Of The Scene
27Chariots And Candles
30Appeals To The Wrong Audience
31Great Minds Of Purgatory
34Lovesick Cure
39The Subtle Collection
42Out Of The Box
45Into The Golden Amazon
48Operation Complete
54Destined For Lateness
58Dead Magnolias
59Life On Venus
62Zeus In Orbit
64Arrow Fantasies
67What The Light Hits First
69White Diamond
70Birthplace Of Avarice
74Two Shapes
75Three Cheers For Unity*
77Cheap Shots
79This Isn’t Home
81Memory Lane Bombing
82Christ’s Second Child
85Held To A Brighter Light
87The Complete Package
89An Exercise In Self Control
93For Your Information
94Horizontal Stairs
96Eye On Infinity
97Focus Soundtrack
105Decomposition Soundtrack
110Suitcase 5
112Death Begins At Birth
116Selections From Music For Two Digits
122Tender Hand Crushes The Bird
123Hello Whirled Hates Your Guts
127Where Were You When We Made It Big?
* also contains live tracks