Album count: 42. Discog size: 119. Song count: 1278. Length: 2 days and 8 hours.

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Another new album!

It’s called IT’S A DIFFICULT JOY, BUT IT’S A JOY and it’s the first of 3 in a trilogy I’ve entitled IN THE NO. The 3 albums were recorded as one and weren’t split up until recording was completed. Also, not that anyone asked, but I have plans to do more discography posts to cover […]

Hey Ben what’s the hold-up?

It’s not like any of you read this. Anyway, Hoping For A Little More…Pizzazz will be out on Repeating Cloud on July 22. When that date gets closer, I will write and publish an “era review” for that (and Origin and whatever else may get released before the album drop). This will contain MANY juicy […]