hello whirled website

This page contains links to everywhere that Hello Whirled’s music can be enjoyed.

https://hellowhirled.bandcamp.com This is where every official piece of Hello Whirled music lives. If you want to listen to everything, go here.

https://open.spotify.com/artist/0r39oXMFV6gaPIRAtr4JZv This is Hello Whirled streaming. I’m also on Apple Music. Only albums go here. If you want to ease yourself into Hello Whirled, go here.

https://sherilynfender.bandcamp.com/ This is where I dump unfinished material. These are outtakes to a higher degree. I would not advise venturing here unless you love Hello Whirled.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGEKOv_xJ3o0q0sOuccj9g/ I put videos here. There are only a few Hello Whirled videos but they’re quite good. Come here for a more personal look into my life outside of Hello Whirled.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMyJaMxMcmx0W34vqZq26oA This YouTube channel is connected to the streaming services and contains every song from every 2019-now album.

https://novictories.bandcamp.com/ This takes you to my “No Victories” EP series that carried my college senior thesis.

https://instagram.com/hello_whirled This is the only active and official Hello Whirled social media account. I’m on Twitter too but I hate it there so I won’t tell you where to find me.

http://immovation.immtcnj.com/ This actually doesn’t have anything to do with Hello Whirled. It’s a student-run event I organized during my time at TCNJ.