hello whirled website

Despite what my music may indicate, I actually like things. Fun. Games. They live here. Yay.

https://tiermaker.com/create/hello-whirled-releases-ranked-827974 Rank every Hello Whirled album/EP/comp/outtakes/covers/etc! Will be updated as new music is released.

http://immovation.immtcnj.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Bright-Red-Pendant.html I helped make this Twine game for an event a while back. It’s not Hello Whirled but it’s a game and it’s fun and I made it. If I was Tony Wilson or Mark Robinson, I’d give it a HW catalog number.

https://jivechameleon.itch.io/plus-one-witches I made the music for a game jam game. The theme was “pompous trash”. At the time of writing (2am on July 22, 2021) the jam has only just closed and the game hasn’t been rated yet. Does anyone look at this site?